6 months – 10.000km


Munich Airport

– 3rd of February

– 8th of August – 6 months and 9.974km later

I just can’t stop cycling with 26km to go until the magic 10.000km!

After my happy arrival and my parents were very much relieved, we unpacked my bike in the airport and my Dad and me got ready to cycle home from the airport!

When pumping up my tires at petrol station near the airport (me, not used anymore to pump which work properly) I gave them way to much pressure, so that my backtire totally exploded. Almost as fast as at the formula 1 (unfortunately due to my about 30 flat tires on the trip) I changed the tire and the innertube.

We continued along the river “Isar” coming from the north into Munich.

Unfortunately my bike computer didn’t survive the trip from Quito, so that I had to guess where I would have accomplished the 10.000th km. It was at the first biergarten, at the Chinese tower in the English garden.

How great was that! We celebrated the 10.000km with a good Radler Maß, Brez’n, Obatzda and Weißwurst.

Next stop was Odeonsplatz.

I took a photo with someone who looked with his jacket like a police man on a bike or a road worker in Peru 😉

Of course we had to pass the center of Munich – Marienplatz –  for a picture, before heading finally home to Munich-Pasing.


The trip was officially finished when entering in the garden and parking my bike.

I would like to thank everyone (the list would be too long for my blog) who helped me on trip in all different ways!

I’m also very happy about all your comments and response on my blog.






5 responses to “6 months – 10.000km

  1. Servus Jan,
    ja, der erste bayrische Radler ist dahoim bei ner guten Brotzeit! Geht mir auch ein wenig ab….super Leistung und vielleicht sieht man sich ja irgendwo mal und vergiss meinen Blog nicht!
    Radlerkollege Juergen aus Augsburg

  2. Jan – such an amazing journey – welcome home!!!!

  3. Hi Jan,

    willkommen zurück!!!

  4. mon pti jan,
    bien joue
    merci d’avoir partager ces moments avec nous
    Nous sommes a paris, mon pere commence le paris brest paris demain soir, 1200 km en 90heures max. crazy dad
    see u soon on a bike with your dad tambien
    hope so

    lucho y mimia

  5. Seriously? Bei dem ganzen Wahnsinn in der Familie ist für mich dann wahrscheinlich nichts mehr übrig geblieben. Da haben sich ja die zwei Richtigen für die Heimfahrt getroffen=)

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