Off the bike: Wedding in Buenos Aires

Since I left El Calafte towards Buenos Aires by plane for the wedding of Valentina a lot has happened.
This post is a little excursion in my cyclingdiary, in fact is has been 5 days absolutely different from my cycling life.

With one day delay, I arrived Thursday evening in Buenos Aires and went right away to the Valentina’s house, where the party after the civil ceremony in the morning was already in full swing. The party went (as usual in Latin America) until the early morning.

Valentina and me, we studied together in Lyon in 2008 and became great friends. It was perfect that her wedding and my travel plans matched each other that well.

The following day I discovered the lovely quarter “Palermo” where I stayed in a hostel. In the afternoon I meet up with Lucia, another very good friend from the exchange semester in Lyon. It was great to see what happened in the past 3 years since Lyon.

Saturday was then the big wedding day, but other than in Europe, the wedding started only at 8pm with the church.

Having still more than 30°C all guests came to the beautiful church of San Isidoro. The ceremony was opened by Valentina who entered the church together with her Dad. I really liked to way of the ceremony, it consisted only of the important parts and therefore didn’t last more than 30 minutes.

Afterwards the party went on outside of town in kind of a Ranch. The main dish was a huge asado, which tasted absolutely delicious. Besides good food, there was a lot of dancing…Valentina, Nico and their great friends really know how to party! Around 6am the next morning the first (!) people left the wedding, I got back to the hostel around 8am.

After taking a short nap, Lucia picked me up at the hostel and showed me around in Buenos Aires. We spent a great afternoon in La Boca!

In the evening I played football with Nico and his friends, which was good fun!

Valentina, Nico and Lucia, thank you for the great time in Buenos Aires!

After very exciting days in Buenos Aires, I flew back to El Calafate (and back to my bike).


2 responses to “Off the bike: Wedding in Buenos Aires

  1. Hello Jan, sounds like in Buenos Aires there´s less wind. Hope to hear more from you soon. Did you already go to Monte Fitzroy and Cerro Torre? You shouldn´t miss that.
    Greetings from a sunny Stuttgart.

  2. Hallo Jan-Ulrich, weiter viel Spaß und viel -nur schöne-Erlebnisse.
    aus München Deine Mama

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